Farm World

Farm World
Farm World is a farming simulation social network game developed by Yowgame in 2015. It is similar to Happy Farm, Farm Town, and video games such as the Harvest Moon series. Its gameplay involves various aspects of farm management such as plowing land, planting, growing, and harvesting crops, harvesting trees and raising livestock.
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Date: 2015-06-25

5287 Users Played

Once players begin a farm, they first create a customizable avatar, which may be changed at any point. The player begins with an empty farm and a fixed starting amount of Farm Coins, the primary currency in the game. Players also earn XP (experience points) for performing certain actions in the game such as plowing land or buying items. At certain XP benchmarks, the player's level rises. As the player obtains more items and progresses through levels, crops and animals become available to them via the "market" where items can be purchased using either Farm Coins or Farm Cash. Farm Cash is earned by leveling up or completing offers, or purchased for real money.

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