Mine Blocks 2

Mine Blocks 2
Mine Blocks 2, minecraft game. This is the best Minecraft adventure game for Minecraft fans. An old Minecraft guy is staying at the small world, and he is afraid of the beasts. The mission is for you that help him to build a castle in this world. To start the work, you need to use 3 skills as mining, building, and crafting. The first job is mining some resources that are wood, coal, leather, seed, and etc. Then, use the “Simple Crafting Recipes” to craft the basic things: wooden plank, furnace, sticks, crafting table, and more. This version 2 has more characteristic than the previous version. Those are mushroom biome, cookies, glass backdrops, fixed seed numbers, 7 new wool colors, 6 new dyes, skeletons, wolves, dogs, fixed lakes, coral, seaweed, more creative inventory options and others.
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Date: 2015-11-03

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Mouse control. H: Help and crafting system.

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